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Almost every page of this site, is an Active Server Page. Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server-side scripting environment that you can use to create dynamic Web pages or build powerful Web applications. ASP pages are files that contain HTML tags, text, and script commands. ASP pages can call ActiveX components to perform tasks, such as connecting to a database or performing a business calculation. With ASP, you can add interactive content to your Web pages or build entire Web applications that use HTML pages as the interface to your customer.

My available ASP projects with full source code
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Setup a chat on your web site in five minutes. No cookies requires and there's support for multiple rooms.

Manage your bookmarks online with this tool. You are able to create an account with username/password and create folder and bookmarks. Uses a Microsoft Access database to store its information.
Reads RSS feed from any URL and parse returned XML into easy to manage classes.

Send out SMS to mobile phones in Denmark. This component is only useful in Denmark but you might be able to patch it up to be used in your country as well. Uses ASPMail/JMail to send out its SMS via e-mails.

If you do not know about ASP, you are able to get a good overview from this site:

WebMonkeys: Introduction to ASP