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ConquerMarks [online demo]
A free online bookmark organizer

An online favorites/bookmark organizer is a nice tool. You are able to maintain your favorites in one location and you don't need to make a backup of them, when you reinstall your computer. I've made such a service and you are able to download all ASP source for it for free. It has been build upon an Access 2000 database, but you are able to run it using an older version. The hardest part, was to realize one of my 'must-have' goals: I wanted it to contain multiple levels, thus I'm able to have a favorite in a group ASP, which is a child of Programming, which again is a child of Computer which may be a child of Hobby .. well, you get the drift.

To archive this goal, I will have to loop through each node in my favorites tree, but only if a specific parent is expanded. If it's collapsed, I just print its name and move to next node.

Furthermore, I wanted to make it easy to maintain favorites, e.g. you should be able to move a favorite to another folder using only one click. When you use ConquerMarks, you will have one tree showing all your needed information. When you click a little edit symbol , you're redirected to a page showing all information for this favorite (or folder, if that's what you selected). From this page, you select e.g. a new parent, simply by selecting it from a similar looking tree in the bottom section.

In order to keep your list of bookmarks open, a small floater has been developed. This window has only a dimension of 180x450 pixels and thus doesn't fill up the entire screen. The floater uses almost the same methods as the core application, but minor changes had to be done in order to fit bookmarks in this window. To open this window, a simple JavaScript is used:

function openCompactMode()
  var m_compact
  m_compact ='compact.html', 

The above code snippet opens a browser window without any menus and toolbars.

You are able to see a demo of ConquerMarks 1.0 at:

Check wishlist for already requested features. If you want to request a feature don't hesitate to let me know.

Download all needed files

  Name File Size
ConquerMarks 1.0 100 kb