Migrating old site

I’ve migrated my old site into a new (much more simple) structure.

The old www.theill.com website was from 1996 and had hundreds of pages. I believed it would be a huge task but after looking into my stats I found that my top 15 pages received 98% of all my traffic. So I decided to only port those and then suddenly the task was much faster.

Use search feature in sidebar if you can’t find what you’re looking for — or drop me a message.

A couple of screenshots from my old site.

One thought on “Migrating old site”

  1. Hold da op JA det er et helt nyt Look . Kunne nu godt lide den gamle side, hvor man kunne læse lidt om alt hvad du har lavet, men det kan man måske også nu. Må nok lige sætte mig ind i det. -:)

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