list of requested features for the future
These wishes for future features have been suggested by many users. Use this list to see what will be implemented in later versions of ConquerCam. They are sorted in no special order and some of these features are already under development.
  • Form-based file uploads
    "Form-based File Upload in HTML Could it be possible to have HTTP upload method for uploading taken images to a script on server? It could be more easily and securely handled on the server side than setting up properly configured ftp server. Optional HTTP basic/digest authentication could be used for authenticating when uploading images to the script. See for more information."
  • Ability to override system locale setting
    Just wanted to ask you if it could be possible to add different locales supports. I mean, it looks like ConquerCam uses the system language locales (in my case, for September I have "septembre" in example). Could it be possible to let the user make its own choice regarding the language, for the captions ?
  • Continuously store frames detected upon motion in AVI file
    When using the motion detection over a longer period of time it might generate a lot of single images. It would be nice if these could all be dropped into an AVI file for easier viewing.
  • Support for RCM
    Having RCM support would enable users to pan and tilt camera.
  • Location dependent Interval Upload
    The Interval Upload should be defined on Location instead as a general setting for all uploads.
  • Location selection in Scheduler Scope
    It should be possible to define a specific location to use for publishing in the Scheduler instead of just setting the "Local/FTP Upload" scope.
  • Control family, size, color and style of caption fonts using tags
    Add the ability to use tags when specifying the color, size, etc of captions. This would allow users to change e.g. colors when using the "Dynamic Caption" feature or especially when reading captions from a text-file using the {file} tag.
  • Remove playlist numbers from WinAmp tag
    Would it be possible to remove the playlist number from the winamp tag? I have a HUGE playlist, and it just bugs me to see all that mess of numbers before the track.
  • Delay standard publish of images
    Would it be possible to add a delay to the publish button? There are lots of times that I'd like to just upload one picture, but need a second to get my hand back off the keyboard first.
  • Keep {cnt} value persistent between session
    Since I have to close conquercam when I move between programs, such as using the yahoo cam feature, I lose the current {cnt}, which overwrites my previous images when I go back to conquercam. Would it be possible to have the program save relative to what images are already in the folder? Like if you already had 20 images it would automatically pick up at 21 instead of overwriting the first one...
  • Recall published image
    The possibility to recall an already published image would be appreciated. If you are managing an image archive showing the latest X images and you incidentally uploads an incorrect image it should be possible to select it from the "Image Archive" and select a new menu-item called "Recall Image".
  • Fractions on Motion Detection sensitivity
    It's possible to define the sensitive using integers only. It should be possible to use fractions since it might sometimes not be enough to set the sensitivity to 5% but it's too much to set it to 6%, etc. Fractions with to decimals, e.g. 5.93% would be a nice addition.
  • Adjust "Image Properties" dialog to image
    Currently when opening a grabbed image, the dialog is designed to fit a 320x240 image in the area. If the image is larger it will be possible to see the entire picture only by scrolling. Either Adjust the dialog or do a resize on the original image to avoid the scrolling.
  • Bulk uploading of images
    It should be possible to grab several images before doing an upload. This is very useful if you're on a dialup connection but still wants to grab images every 30 second or so.
  • Japanese/Chinese support on captions
    It should be possible to use captions having international characters.
  • Support for WDM [2.7]
    Support for WDM web cams since VfW is an older standard not properly supported by some new high-performance cams. Supporting WDM (through DirectX) will greatly enhance the streamed image and lower the CPU usage required.
  • SMTP authentication when sending emails [2.6]
    Support for authentication to your SMTP server should be added since more and more mail servers now don't allow for sending without authentication (to avoid spammers to misuse the server).
  • Change interval upload in Schedules
    The Scheduling should allow for changing the upload interval so it's possible to e.g. upload one minute per minute in the middle of the day but only 1 minute per hour in the middle of the night. See also "Location dependent Interval Upload" and "Location selection in Scheduler Scope".
  • Buffer x seconds of video for motion detection
    When motion is detected it's currently possible to grab from this moment and forth. However using a buffer it would be possible to store a number of seconds prior to the detection.
  • New caption-tag {activewindow} [2.5.1]
    A new tag {activewindow} must be added which will show the currently active window caption.
  • Password protection of Image Server
    It should be possible to setup security for the Image Server so I'm able to allow access for specific users only e.g. by having a file named 'htpasswd' in my ConquerCam directory. This would then include a username/password combination and every time a client browser is requesting an image it will lookup the credentials from this file.
  • Add different desktop views
    Having the entire application shown in all its glory might not be what is wanted all the time. Sometimes you're only interested in the preview window. Provide a possibility to 'shrink' the view to display e.g. only the Preview Window or the last thumbnail.
  • Additional toolbar buttons
    From the main toolbar it should be possible to configure the motion detection sensitivity and toggle the motion detection mask.
  • Include screensaver with package
    A screensaver should be included with the package giving a possibility to set it up to show full-screen images from the web cam.
  • support
    Why not having support for that's a little rip-off from another webcam-program, but it's great. You basically write in the login information for and the hostname (i.e. then let it point to your locally stored page. like the sample page that follows with the program.
  • Caption cycling
    It should be possible to setup a queue of caption which will be cycled each time an upload is done. This is nice if you want to have some kind of tag-line changing with each upload. This feature could be extended to include cycling based on timestamps or number of grabbed images.
  • Loading dynamic caption from file [2.5]
    It should be possible to read captions from a file so the uploaded image could include a caption having some tag-line maybe generated by a 3rd party application.
  • Execute application upon motion detection
    To allow integration with 3rd party application it would be great if ConquerCam were able to execute an application either by calling a .bat file or by calling the application with e.g. the name of the grabbed .avi, .jpg, etc image.
  • Image Server tray notification
    When the Image Server grabs an image and sends it to a client it should be notified in the tray bar e.g. by blinking the standard ConquerCam icon. This would allow you to noticed even if you have turned off sounds.
  • Form-based File Upload in HTML
    Could it be possible to have HTTP upload method for uploading taken images to a script on server? It could be more easily and securely handled on the server side than setting up properly configured ftp server. Optional HTTP basic/digest authentication could be used for authenticating when uploading images to the script. See for more information.
  • Streaming
    Streams with different resolutions should be supported through the HTTP server. VisionGS' web-server operates with a main-page where you can choose different resolutions, and then filenames for the various streams. If implemented, then the new system should either give a warning to users when upgrading (to retain compatibility), or default the filename-system to 'off'.
  • Upload IP as filename
    I want a feature where ConquerCam can store a file (configurable directory) with IP-address of web-server, and (most importantly) remove the file when the program shuts down. This will be useful for webcam-images used on homepages etc.. You can then, through scripting, get the IP-address of the server, stored in the file, and connect dynamically to ConquerCam. Also, viewing of offline-images when the IP-address-file is not present will be possible.
  • Configurable delay when grabbing image from HTTP server
    It would be nice if the HTTP-server could have a configurable delay before taking/returning the picture -- with the sound-bell executed first -- so I know when to stop picking my nose.
  • Add sound detection then send text message to cell phone, pager, email or dial a number
    You'll know if someone is breaking in your house when you're away without the need of a computer.
  • Add sound detection and sound capture/add sound on .avi.
    It would be nice if you could detect a sound and starts capturing it as a .wav or .avi with video. It's great to hear what you see.
  • Add {cnt} tag support for motion detection .avi files
    Could you add support for {cnt} when saving .avi files? Example Motion1.avi, Motion2.avi and so on... It's useful to keep records then archive rather than overwriting it when a new motion is detected. Works like the .jpg on motion detection.
  • Multiple Camera
    Capable of using multiple camera. This would be great for multi-view surveillance. e.g. living room, bedroom & garage.
  • Camera Cycling
    Possibility to cycle through a list of available web cameras either in intervals or after every grab.
  • Play sounds upon motion [2.5]
    It should be possible to configure ConquerCam to play a sound whenever motion is detected.
  • Quick Caption option [2.1]
    A simple option to quickly add some text to an image. Maybe a button on the menu which opens a textbox. The text entered (with a maximum length) will be shown in the image, using the (for example) {dynamic} anchor. This way, you can quickly add lines such as "Look granny, without hands" or "Going offline in 5 minutes" to an image.
  • Last taken thumbnail in tray bar menu
    When uploading images to a web site it might be useful to know how the last taken image looks like. The tray bar menu should include the same thumbnail as shown in the Session bar which would enable a user to see the image just be right-clicking the tray bar menu.
  • HTML Wizards
    Wizards for generating various forms of HTML pages. Afterwards they could be uploaded to an FTP site.
  • Display WinAMP information [2.1]
    The possibility to retrieve information about the current running mp3 played in WinAMP. This could be implemented to be a plug-in able to retrieve information for "any" running Windows application.
  • Support for Secure FTP protocol
    Uploading to FTP servers supporting the SFTP protocol must be added. This gives a higher level of security.
  • Run as a Windows Service [3.0]
    It should be possible to run as a service so it can be used without logging into the computer.
  • Resize images to fixed size
    Some video grabbers grab images in non-standard dimensions. It should be possible to resize these images to a fixed size, e.g. 320x240.
  • Improve resize algorithm used for thumbnails [2.5.1]
    A better algorithm should be used when creating the thumbnail image since the current one is not anti-aliasing when resizing.
  • Support more image formats
    Further support for various image formats (at least PNG and TIFF) must be added for use in all areas of ConquerCam.
  • User profiles [3.0]
    All configuration options should be stored by user profiles thus it's possible to log on or select a profile when starting ConquerCam. The profile contains details about the usage of ConquerCam, i.e. which interval to use, which captions, which overlay image, etc.
  • Scheduled upload & motion detection [2.1]
    Setting up a date/time interval for when to upload and/or when to use motion detection should be added. It must be possible for a user to set up e.g. Mondays at 8:00 to Fridays at 16:00. In this interval, the upload or motion will then be activated.
  • Roll over counter with no file renaming
    It should be possible to set a max count on the number of images stored. When this border is reached, the counter should reset. It's almost like the 'roll over counter when reaching limit ..' but the current feature does a rename of all other images thus the '0' always shows the latest .. '1' shows the second latest and N-1 shows the oldest of the stored images.
  • Multiple overlay images
    Overlay more images, in the same way that you can add limitless captions. This would be handy if someone wanted to create some clever effects with overlay images on a capture, with a shaded background (opacity of 50%) and then a small opaque logo hovering in the corner of this shaded area.
  • Dynamically create web page of "Archived" images
    Have ConquerCam create a webpage of the saved images -- user configurable.
  • Support for uploading on/off state images
    Have an option for the program to upload one image file to a specific directory when the program is started and another when stopped. The image would have the same filename each time, but one would say something like "Cam On" and the other "Cam Offline". I imagine users could customize their own image file for upload.
  • Define trigger area for motion detection [2.2]
    Select area on image on which you define motion -- this is used if you only want to check a smaller area of your image for motion.
  • Enable motion detection at start up
    It would be nice if ConquerCam could start up with motion detection enabled and if there was someway to control how long to wait before grabbing another image during motion detection. Like a sleep or delay period.
  • Customized "trigger" handling in motion detection [2.5]
    Would it be possible to enable BOTH uploading and AVI captures on motion detection?
  • Usage of {cnt} tag for "Text Captions" [2.5]
    Could you add support for {cnt} tag on captions? I find it interesting to place the image number in the image, for example:
      WebCam1 : image{cnt} / {mmm} {dd}, {yyyy} {hh}:{nn}:{ss}
  • Use unique temporary filenames on FTP uploads
    Temporary filename used when uploading files to an FTP site must be a uniquely generated name based on date/time information. This will allow users to run multiple instances of ConquerCam which all uploads to same FTP location.
  • Log "Image Server" access in access_log file
    Please allow the Image Server to generate a log file! I want to know who is snooping ;-) I can see the IP address of the computer requesting the image, but I want to be able to capture it and then do something with it, kind of like called ID, I want to play a different sound for each different person who is grabbing images. I can hack something like that together if you simply export the access_log for the server to a text file. I'm not asking for a full blown called ID to be built inside ConquerCam - though that would be nice too - it is enough for me if you simply write server accesses to a text file.
  • Rotate grabbed images
    After having grabbed an image it should be possible to rotate it e.g. 90 degrees. It is a useful feature if the web cam is used to grab 'portrait' like images.
Color Legends
  • Request
    I have understood the specific wish but it is not under development at the moment.
  • Active
    Currently under development and will be available within the next couple of releases unless specified otherwise.
  • Done
    Wish already implemented and is currently available in a final release.
  • [x.xx]
    Version in which the wish has been or will be implemented.
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