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Version history
Version history
January 14, 2004
New release of FontLister 4.0 available from the FontLister 4.0 web site.
July 19, 2000
  i A lot of users have ask me, if I have complete decided to stop working
    on FontLister, since no version has been released for over a *year*. I
    know this is a long time to wait for an update, but it has been too
    hard for me to keep working on it, fixing reported bugs, answering tons
    of emails, etc.
    However, the last couple of weeks, I have been getting some more spare-
    time and have decided to stop development on FontLister as it is and 
    started working on a completely rewrite of it; making it at least as 
    user-friendly and fast as FontLister. I know a lot of users have reported
    general major changes, e.g. support for uninstalled Adobe Type1 fonts, 
    possibility to temporarily install a set/group of fonts, etc. The list
    can go on :o)
    It would be too cumbersome to append these major changes to FontLister as
    it is implemented today thus my new software (I'll probably call it 
    FontLister 4.0) will be prepared for all these new features. I have decided
    to make a new announcement list for this, since it's still in an alpha,
    alpha release and will not (in its first couple of versions) have all 
    features available in FontLister 3.4.9.

    Visit the homepage for FontLister 4.0 here:


    Now, if you have any feature requests you would like to have in a completely
    new version, please write to me at:

       peter at theill dot com

    I cannot promise I will response to all emails, but you can be sure I *do*
    read and consider all received emails. The reason for sending me an email 
    is to give me a better idea of which features I need to be able to support
    in future releases.
May 10, 1999 - FontLister 3.4.9 Released

May 4, 1999
  - WMF and EMF copy to clipboard added.

May 1, 1999
  - WMF and EMF export of characters added in ANSI Table Window.

April 14, 1999 - FontLister 3.4.8 Released
  i Tested on both Win95, Win98 and WinNT4 running IE5

April 13, 1999
! Colors would default to black, if you entered 'Settings' window without
    changing any of the colors - fixed.

April 12, 1999
! Fixed Access Violations on Internet Explorer 5.0
  ! Fixed 'Error X at address X' errors on exit

April 10, 1999
! Wasn't able to correctly update Compare Window when colors were changed.
  ! Entire fontlist would reload when changing colors using 'Settings' dialog.

April 10, 1999 - FontLister 3.4.7 Released
  + Install, remove and copying fonts is now handled by 'check' state instead
    of 'selected' state; this makes it possible to check some fonts for e.g.
    installation while browsing through the fontlist.
  ! Status of Installation dialog were resizable.
  ! IE5.0 would cause FL to generate some nasty Access Violations. This has
    been fixed, but not yet fully tested.

March 18, 1999
  i Renaming groups, started to implement a function for enumerating groups w.

March 16, 1999
  i Working on 'Groups' mode - added methods for adding and deleting groups.

March 13, 1999
  ! Dropdown pointer in Treeview would mix with Folder names. Fixed by ellip-
    sing foldernames if too large to fit.
  ! Links in Aboutbox would sometimes resize when highlighted.
  - Will now user systems 'iconfont' when using 'Large Toolbar Buttons'.

March 7, 1999
  + Sizegrip added in 'ANSI Table' when in 'variable mode'

March 4, 1999
  - Buttons in Organize Favourites Dialog is now able to receive focus
  - HelpContext on controls updated
  - Captions in Export to bitmap changed according to user wishes
  ! 'Export To Bitmaps' printed name of font using font itself, making it
    unreadable if font wasn't readable itself (e.g. Windings)

February 16, 1999 - FontLister 3.4.6 Released
  - Updated helpfile (still not optimal, though)
  ! Edit/Compare sizes were not stored on exit.

February 15, 1999
  + Feature for exporting to <fonts filename>.bmp added.

February 14, 1999 - FontLister 3.4.5 Released
  + Left-, Top-, Right-, Bottom- and Middle- borders on printouts are now
  + Ability to include font- and filenames on exported bitmaps added.

February 13, 1999
  ! When width of 'List of Fonts' window was sized to around 0, it would
    collapse and refuse to expand again without reinstalled FontLister.
  ! Captions, when using 'Large Buttons', would not fit on button.
  ! Export Bitmap wouldn't have any default values first time it was used.
  + 'Windows Sample' is now available from the toolbar.
  ! FontLister was unable to work properly without a printer installed.
  - It wasn't possible to see all info for the 'Overhang' attribute in Font
    Properties Window. This was fixed by adding small 'up/down' arrows to the

February 4, 1999 - FontLister 3.4 Released

February 3, 1999
  + View Explorer Tree menuitem added.
  + 'Copy fonts' option added. This option will copy all selected fonts into
    the standard Windows Clipboard.
  + Able to drag fontfiles OUT of FontLister, e.g. to other Explorer Folders.
  + Able to drag fontfiles INTO FontLister, e.g. from your desktop. These files
    will then be temporarily installed on your system to make them viewable.
  ! ANSI table wasn't correctly updated when selecting a font from Compare
  ! Export bitmap failed to save its state, i.e. text, size and colors.
  - List of Fonts will now be cleared when selecting 'Folder View'.
  - 'Select All' option now shows a 'Wait' cursor since this operation could
    take a while to complete.
  - Changing view will cause a 'wait' cursor to be shown when updating.

February 1, 1999
  + ANSI Table now paints a small version of the characters using a standard
    font. This makes it possible to see mappings between e.g. a symbolfont
    and the keys to type on your keyboard to get a specific character.

January 30, 1999
  + It is now possible to change Compare Informal Color (fontname and path).

January 24, 1999
  ! Statusbar wasn't able to adjust its width when a lot of fonts were loaded
    or selected.

January 20, 1999
  i Still working on copy/move methods and optimizing of some base code.

January 13, 1999
  i Working on copy/move methods.

January 10, 1999
  i Started designing Groups view (font catalogues).

January 2, 1999 - FontLister 3.3.2 Released
  ! Height of a text would be calculated using wrong values, if it were read
    from a ttf-file, i.e. in 'Fonts in a Folder'- or 'Installed'-View - fixed.
  - Updated SplashScreen.
  - Hiding unavailable 'sample' buttons.
  - Change width of statusbar cells.

December 13, 1998 - FontLister 3.3.1 Released
  ! 'The parameter is incorrect' error would _still_ show up when closing
   FontLister - fixed (I think ;).
  ! Was unable to start in maximized mode - FontLister would 'think' it was
   maximized (top right button showed the 'restore' icon) but the mainwindow
   was not filling complete desktop area. I've made a temporary fix, by
   resetting state of window when it activates.

December 09, 1998 - FontLister 3.3 Released
  # Throughly tested on NT machines! Seems to be working without any problems.
  ! Unable to open ANSI Table at startup - fixed.

December 08, 1998
  # Printouts uses Edit Mode sample when printing multiple lines and Compare
    Mode sample when printing single line.

December 07, 1998
  - In ANSI-Table: When pressing left- or right arrow key when located on
    edge of grid will now move to previous/next row.
  ! Were not saving Edit Mode Window lines - fixed.
  ! Strange resizing bug when maximizing FontLister seems to be fixed.
  ! Going Settings->Layout->OK without making any changes to TextColor or
    WindowColor would make both colors black - fixed.
  ! A 'The parameter is incorrect' error would show up when trying to close
    FontLister - fixed.
  - Minor change in Export Sample to Bitmap dialog.

December 01, 1998 - FontLister 3.3b2 Released
  ! Colors would be wrong if they weren't found in Registry.
  + 'Print immediately' option added in 'Options' dialog.
  - Removed obsolete items 'File->Import Text' and 'Options->Use default text'
    from menus.
  + 'Export Sample to Bitmap' is now able to export multiple fonts.

November 30, 1998
  + Filename of font is now printed in Compare Window if available.
  - Caption of Edit/Compare Windows becomes bold when active.
  - Samples in Edit & Compare Mode are now separated and optimized, i.e. you
    will be able to use different samples in each mode.
  ! Edit Mode Window failed to update when selecting font in Compare Mode
    Window - fixed.

November 29, 1998 - FontLister 3.3b1 Released

November 26, 1998
  - Made it impossible to delete very important systemfont 'MARLETT.TTF'.

November 25, 1998
  + Added popupmenu to Print Preview for easier access to commonly used
  + 'Align 'List of Fonts' left/top option added in Settings window.

November 20, 1998
  - ANSI Table Window is now resizable.
  + 'Character Zoom' added to ANSI Table Window.

November 19, 1998
  + Attribute-hints added to Font Properties Dialog.

November 14, 1998
  - Edit/Compare Mode collected into same window with resize abilities.

November 04, 1998
  ! Tooltips in Shell Tree would sometimes fail to go away - fixed.

September 25, 1998 - FontLister 3.2.6 Released

September 23, 1998
  - Shows status of a 'Export font as bitmap...' operation.

September 7, 1998
  + Added 'Large Toolbar Buttons' setting.

September 5, 1998
  ! Using U.S as default Measurement System would disable the possibility to
    change margins - fixed.

September 4, 1998 - FontLister 3.2.5 Released

September 1, 1998
  - Updated Settings Dialog with 'Confirm Font Delete' and 'Install fonts To
    Fonts Folder' options.

August 31, 1998
  - Settings Dialog now able to load/save Editor Font -Colors and SplashScreen

August 29, 1998
  ! Refresh Button in 'Fonts in a Folder' View wouldn't update unless you've
    selected 'AutoRetrive FontNames'
  * Some hints in statusbar was not updated correctly.

August 19, 1998 - FontLister 3.2.4 Released

August 16, 1998
  * Optimized code for smaller .exe file
  ! Selecting Windows Sample from the View Menu would always use the top
    selected font in the left listview - fixed.
  ! ANSI Table did not always show the correct fontfile name in its caption
    when opened from Compare Mode - fixed.

August 13, 1998
  * Bitmaps replaced to avoid COMCTL32.DLL bug

August 10, 1998 - FontLister 3.2.3 Released
 * Filesize optimized on downloads.

August 8, 1998
 + Undo added to Edit Mode.
 + 'Change to Edit Mode' menuitem added in Compare Mode from popup menu.

August 1, 1998  - Optimized generation of previews.
 - Goto page box added in Print Preview.

July 27, 1998
 * Added new question to 'faq' page.
 * Added link to Verdana font to 'download' page.

July 22, 1998 - FontLister 3.2.2 Released
 - Font Names are not printed in uppercase anymore.

July 21, 1998
 * Updated 'mailing list' page. Now you're also able to unsubscribe from the
   page as well.
 ! SampleLines when viewing CompareMode and when printing could easily screw
   up, i.e. only show half the text - fixed.
 ! Certain fonts could _still_ generate an Access Violation - fixed.
 ! Changing ViewType with many fonts selected was time excessive - fixed.
 ! FontSize of screen preview was not updated if you exited fontsize combobox
   without first pressing 'Return' key - fixed.

July 20, 1998
 !Options->Text menu was always grayed out - fixed.
 ! Menus might gray out just like that - fixed.

July 18, 1998 - FontLister Released
 + Help button added in Font Properties Dialog.
 ! User set Bold, Italic and Underline styles were not used in prints - fixed.
 * Question "Why doesn't the memobox in Edit Mode save modified text for future
   sessions?" added to FAQ page.

July 17, 1998
 i Updated helpfile with 'Print Settings Dialog'.
 i Updated helpfile with 'Font Properties'.

July 16, 1998
 ! If 'Print Multiple Lines' were used, you wouldn't see any text if you did
   the print from 'EditMode' - fixed.

July 15, 1998
 - Updated some images, e.g. added a 'ATM' symbol.

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